MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 131

23. October, 2009

MetalCast Episode 131Your main host Kobe is away for the weekend and our Brazilian busy bee Marcus also has very little time, yet managed to add some songs to the playlist of this week’s episode, which is again packed with Metal from Europe and Europe only, AND guide you through the list. And our beloved Polina hasn’t returned to the TMC headquarters yet. It’s a coincidence, but Germany is dominating here with Black and Progressive Metal. Since it had to go fast, not much thinking went into the selection, but you can expect another large amount of new songs from his year’s releases. Don’t worry, we did listen carefully to find out which tracks would best be played while at the same time trying to uphold a certain level of diversity. If you like or don’t like it, let it out.

Host: Marcus
Tracklist: Tim, Marcus

01. Silent Memorial – Fantasy Suit
02. Mob Rules – Astral Hand
03. Red Circuit – The World Forgotten Sons
04. Klabautamann – Forlorn Sea
05. Akercocke – The Dark Inside
06. At Vance – Last In Line
07. Brainstorm – Cross The Line
08. Insomnium – Down With The Sun
09. Lunar Aurora – Geisterschiff
10. Asgaroth – The Freezing Winds of Kiljaarn