Episode 129 – Belgian Special Vol. II

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MetalCast Episode 129Belgium is a small country, yet has lots of Metal bands in the underground. We presented you a small selection back in 2007, with Episode 26. Mainly Thrash, Death and Black reign in this scene, though you have several Heavy Metal bands here and there as well. This time the episode is again filled with Extreme Metal, though with enough variation (from Progressive to Black), even if some digging had to be done. After All is in the list again, because they asked so nicely. But there’s of course more to be played, even if our (Kobe and Tim) collection is quite small, to be honest. Lack of promotion, one might say. But with this episode we hope to contribute to a scene that’s worth checking out. Enjoy and do let us know your findings.

Host: Kobe
Tracklist: Tim, Kobe

01. Gae Bolga – Mambo N° 666
02. After All – Devastation Done
03. Hellchief – Endless Run
04. Angeli Di Pietra – Manannan Mac Lir
05. Corpus – Where I Am
06. Enthroned – Tellum Scorpionis
07. Marche Fun̬bre РOn Wings Of Azrael
08. The End Of All Reason – Ascending The Throne Once More
09. Psalm – Layers Of Impiety
10. Gwyllion – Roots Of Eternity

Also a listen worth:

Belgian Special Vol. I

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  1. hue says:

    ❗ brilliant belgian special part 2 💡 😛
    ➡ i love all extreme metal aprt from blck metla so that was a great show :headbang

    • TechThing says:

      Hi Hue

      Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you liked the playlist. ➡

      This aside, Gwyllion’s song is called Roots Of Reality. My bad. Guess I’ve been listening to much to Manticora, whose debut album is titled Roots Of Eternity.

  2. Awesome episode. I’m always looking for good metal bands with female vocals…rock on Gwyllion!

    • TechThing says:

      You’re welcome. 🙂 Be sure to check out their latest album, The Edge Of All I Know. Personally it’s one of my favourites this year. Top 3 candidate! Even their debut album, Awakening The Dream, is very much worth buying.

  3. Hellchief says:


    Thanks for the review, as it is said, this is more a promotial tool.
    coming up:
    november: 2 new songs on the myspace
    december: studio recording time
    begin 2010: release first single + full demo

    Greetings from the Hellchief team
    :pissed :pissed :pissed

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