MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 125

12. September, 2009

MetalCast Episode 125Two Specials done, time for another regular. In this episode you’ll hear the usual mix of styles, from Hard Rock over Power Metal to Black Metal, with some Doom Metal as well for the mournful among you. Speaking of Black Metal, this time Polina uploaded such a song (from Abgott). The majority of the playlist consists of new songs, meaning from this year and range from Rebellion (yes, once again) over Guilt Machine to Behemoth. Power, aggression, sorrow and sadness, … you won’t find much happiness here this time. But don’t let that prevent you from enjoying the greatness of the Metal on offer.

Host: Kobe
Tracklist: Tim, Marcus, Judit, Polina

01. Devian – Saintbleeder
02. Behemoth – The Seed Ov I
03. Altaria – Pride & Desire
04. The Devin Townsend Project – Disruptr
05. Rebellion – Arise
06. Zandelle – Flames Of Rage
07. Abgott – Lustmord
08. Guilt Machine – Over
09. Jorn – Road of the Cross
10. Autumnia – Breathe Your Mourning Into Me