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Episode 123 – German Special

29. August, 2009

MetalCast Episode 123Our last Nation Special was the Aussie one, back in May, suggested by Metalshaman. We had been thinking about a German one for a long time, but since this country has a gazillion number of bands in different genres, choosing was very hard. In March another listener, HellOnTwoWheels, reignited the fuse for the quest for Germany and we soon found what to play. There’s more to come for a later episode, obviously. Once again we focused on less known bands, even if you can’t avoid some bigger ones. Kobe will be your guide again and Polina has some goodies left over from Bloodstock. Enjoy the trip and keep that feedback and support coming. It’s for the benefit of us all, including you.

Host: Kobe
Tracklist: Tim, Marcus, Karsten, Polina
Interview: Polina

01. Axxis – Utopia
02. Sencirow – Curse Of Lying
03. Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – Schenk Mir Heut Nacht
04. Vendetta – Guerilla
05. Equilibrium – Die Weide Und Der Flus
06. Sonic Reign – To Rebel And To Fail
07. Tanzwut – Der Arzt
08. Nocte Obducta РȚchter des Mondes
09. Vanden Plas – Shadow I Am
10. Odroerir – Zwergenschmiede