MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 122

22. August, 2009

MetalCast Episode 122Kobe didn’t feel like hosting, preferred instead to go to the Pukkelpop festival. Everybody else is back and our dearest Polina seduced Hansi Kürsch from Blind Guardian into a Q&A at Bloodstock. Judging by the picture on her Facebook profile he does look a bit tipsy. What happened over there? Besides the interview you can expect another load of excellent Metal, and most of it comes from Scandinavia… again. Last but not least, you might even hear some jingles that Polina recorded while at Bloodstock. If you’re asking for a Special, don’t worry, there will be one (and more) soon. Enjoy this new episode!

Host: Polina :teeth
Tracklist: Tim, Marcus, Karsten, Judit, Polina

01. Serenity – The Heartblood Symphony
02. Beherit – Pimeyden Henki
03. Einherjer – A New Earth
04. Constancia – I Never Said Goodbye
05. Manigance – Miroir De La Vie
06. Blind Guardian – Another Holy War
07. Reverend Bizarre – The Children of Doom
08. Narnia – One Way to Freedom
09. Stratovarius – Falling Star
10. Drudkh – Distant Cries of Cranes