Episode 120 – JAZZ

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Episode CoverMany weeks ago one of our listeners, Metalshaman, who also suggested the Australian Metal Special, asked if we could do a Jazz Metal Special. Although our collections are limited in that area, we looked everywhere and found enough bands for you – and us, obviously – to enjoy and discover. Once again, we’re spanning almost the entire globe with this new episode. At this point we have decided to build in some rest, which means there will be no Metal Cast for some weeks. The number is still undecided, but it will be at least 2. Have a great holiday, enjoy the weather, gigs and keep on supporting bands and your favourite Metal podcast, i.e. the Metal Cast. Thanks for tuning in each week and see you later.

Host: Kobe :beer
Tracklist: Tim, Marcus, Judit, Kobe

Intro Sigh
01. Planet X – Clonus
02. Aghora – Kali Yuga
03. Spiral Architect – Moving Spirit
04. Art Metal – Vyakhyan-Kar
05. Atheist – Piece Of Time
06. Ephel Duath – Vector, Third Movement
07. Kiko Loureiro – Escaping
08. Mike Terrana – Spin Drifter
09. Cynic – Integral Birth
10. Apokatastasia – Nothing

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  1. Polina says:

    Wow! it exceeded my expectations by far! 💡 :faint
    Outstanding job everyone! ❗

  2. Kobe says:

    On their later albums Atheist is definatly more jazz. They are more technical death then jazz death ofcourse. But that doesn’t negate their jazziness. 🙂

  3. efandy says:

    PS Have a good holiday!
    Drink beer and stay metal! (c) Dimmu Borgir

  4. efandy says:

    Thank for great special, consisting mostly of my favourite bands 🙂 On this occasion could I ask you the following:
    I can’t understand, why Atheist is commonly suggested to be jazz metal. Shure, the influence of former Cynic members is noticable, but Atheist seem to have added too little jazz to their death metal to be deservedly called jazz metal band. You wan’t call jazz metal Control Denied or Death either, would you? And they have much more jazzy sound (and harmony) then Atheist

  5. Kobe says:

    Veeeeery interesting indeed. I’m definatly going to remember some of the bands played here. 🙂

  6. karsten says:

    yes .. indeed interesting … :angel

  7. Marcus says:

    Actually I really enjoyed this EP, very interesting!

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