MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 117

4. July, 2009

Episode CoverThe Folk/Pagan Special seemed to have been very well liked, when reading the comments. Thanks for that. As the requests roll in, we try to add them asap and this time we have no less than eight (!) of them to present to you. Equilibrium is one of them, even if they didn’t make it last time. Next to that our own selections complete the playlist and you may expect an episode with a very rough edge, but fear not, for there will be melody, too, mixed in between. Enjoy the music, the nice weather, the beer (or water) and don’t hesitate to offer feedback.

Host: Kobe
Tracklist: John M., Jeremy, Brett, Ward, Matt, Efandy

01. Abigail Williams – Empyrean: Into The Cold Wastes
02. Bolt Thrower – The Killchain
03. Carach Angren – Hexed Melting Flesh
04. Angtoria – I’m Calling
05. Emperor – I Am The Black Wizards
06. Daylight Dies – Strive To See
07. Sex Machineguns – Yakiniku Party
08. Orphaned Land – A Call To Awake (The Quest)
09. Equilibrium – Blut Im Auge
10. Opeth – Blackwater Park