MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 110

16. May, 2009

Episode CoverOur Brazilian Black Metal god, Marcus, has his hands full with professional activities and is forced to decrease his contribution to the episodes, hence only one obscure Black Metal band and much more Power Metal or Melodic Metal in general (Stratovarius, Domain, Rough Silk, etc) with a good dose of new material, that is from 2009. Geographically it´s mainly Europe (represented in majority by Germany and Italy) that delivers the goods, although we offer the chance for the USA to have something to say, too, through the heavy grooves of Jungle Rot. As usual, keep those comments coming, be them here, the forum, our Facebook page, our MySpace page, or even our Twitter page. You can also contribute through PayPal to help us keep the Cast running, something for which the necessary funds are vital. The crew thanks you wholeheartedly.

Host: Kobe
Tracklist: Judit, Polina, Tim, Marcus, Karsten

01. Domain – Digging Their Graves
02. Rough Silk – A New Beginning
03. Lacuna Coil – Our Truth
04. Malnatt – Fantasmi
05. Shadowkeep – With Force We Come
06. Stratovarius – Deep Unknown
07. Jungle Rot – Worst Case Scenario
08. X Japan – Silent Jealousy
09. Lumsk – Nøkken
10. Flashback Of Anger – Splinters Of Life