Episode 111

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Episode CoverBefore we offer you a new Special, we would like to present you another regular episode full of diverse and first class Metal. Not only from big names, but also smaller ones that equally deserve the right to be heard and very much so. Another reason is that 2009 is almost halfway, which means lots has come out and we can broaden our scope a bit in this episode, making at least 60% new material, from Hard Rock to Black Metal. The “Heavy Metal Battleaxe” will hit you “Right Between The Eyes” as you go through Heaven And Hell with the “Bible Of The Beast”, ending the journey at the Colosseum, the gateway “Towards The Infinite”.

Host: Kobe
Tracklist: Tim, Marcus

01. Blood Tsunami – Castle Of Skulls
02. Shakra – Right Between The Eyes
03. Heaven And Hell – Falling Off The Edge Of The World
04. Black Messiah – Das Unterpfand
05. Anaal Nathrakh – Virus Bomb
06. Powerwolf – Seven Deadly Saints
07. Colosseum – Towards The Infinite
08. Metalucifer – Heavy Metal Battleaxe
09. Hibria – Screaming Ghost
10. Thronar – To Kill And Be King

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  1. Marcus says:

    This was another splendid episode and not because I picked half of the songs :P, but for the variety… and that was a result of Tim’s choices as well as myself not only selecting bands that I like, but bands which I believe that the listeners would enjoy listening to. For those who have the chance, don’t miss seeing Heaven And Hell live, it’s simply astonishing. ❗ out of ❗ for this EP 💡

    And as usual, guys, we enjoy and wish to hear/ read your comments and thoughts, we know you’re out there, listening and it’s not just a few people, not a few people at all, fortunately ➡ 🙂

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