MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 103 – H.e.a.t

28. March, 2009

Episode CoverAs Kobe refused to talk you through the episode – just kidding, he has other things that demand some of his time -, and Marcus having his hands full with other matters, it’s Polina’s turn again to take up the mic. But the primary reason for letting her do the talking in this regular episode is because of her latest favourite band H.E.A.T., no stranger to the regular listener of the show. Listen to find out. Musically we dug up some Folk Metal again (one band being from Germany and unsigned), while on the other hand you’ll hear a couple of new tracks of recent releases. And finally, Marcus managed to find another movie to comment on. Enjoy!

Host: Polina
Tracklist: Tim, Judit, Polina
Movie of the week: Marcus

01. Burning Point – Manic Merry-Go-Round (buy)
02. Memory Garden – Genesis (buy)
03. Neonfly – I Think I Saw A UFO
04. Butterfly Temple – The Blood Will Overflow The Rivers
05. Hatesphere – Backstabber (buy)
06. Schattentantz – Ein Blatt im Wind
07. H.e.a.t – Fill Your Head With Rock (buy)
08. Ensoph – Dance High and Shine, Shiva (buy)
09. Cloudscape – Under Fire (buy)
10. Moonsorrow – Sankarihauta (buy)