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Episode 31 – The Tolkien Special

7. October, 2007

Tolkien has made a tremendous impact on fantasy writing. But not only in that area! Many metalbands have been influenced by his lore and the story of Lord Of The Rings. So, this special is about those bands, bands that have lyrics about the lore, or names that come from the story. Great bands like Blind Guardian, Summoning, Amon Amarth, Cirith Ungol and many many more! We’ve gathered a good amount of excellent bands for you!


First song

Band: Blind Guardian
Song: Into The Storm
Album: Nightfall In Middle-Earth

Second song

Band: Lorien
Song: Light Of Valinor
Album: From The Forest To The Havens

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Third song

Band: Cross Borns
Song: Minas Tirith
Album: Tales Of A Winter Night

Fourth song

Band: Amon Amarth
Song: Amon Amarth
Album: Once Sent From The Golden Hall

Fifth song

Band: Rivendell
Song: Dragon’s Lair
Album: Elven Tears

Sixth song

Band: Cirith Ungol
Song: Cirith Ungol
Album: King Of The Dead

Seventh song

Band: Summoning
Song: Mirdautas Vras
Album: Oath Bound

Eighth song

Band: Battlelore
Song: The Cloak And The Dagger
Album: Evernight

Ninth song

Band: Arda
Song: Vozvrashenie Korolya
Album: O Skitaniyah Vechnikh I O Zemle

Tenth song

Band: Burzum
Song: En Ring Til Ã… Herske
Album: Det Som Engang Var

Episode 31 Crew

Karsten – Webmaster / Director
Kobe – Host / Strange noises / Song
Tim / Marcus / Polina / Judith – Songs