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TMC – Episode 10

16. February, 2007


Get a Mac! 😛

Helloween Special Shownotes – All songs from Helloween

First song

A Little Time from the album “Keepers of the seven keys Part I”

Released in 1987

Second song

Eagle Fly Free from the album “Keepers of the seven keys Part II”

Released in 1988

Third song

Power from the album “The Time Of The Oath”

Released in 1996

Fourth song

Mr. Torture from the album “The Dark Ride”

Released in 2000

Fifth song

Just A Little Sign from the album “Rabbit Don’t Come Easy”

Released in 2003

Sixth song

Occasion Avenue from the live album “Keeper Of The Seven Keys – The Legacy – World Tour 2005/2006”

Released in 2006

Episode 10 Crew

Karsten – Webmaster/Podfather
Kobe – Host
Polina – Interview

Special thanks to Maxim Bylkin (Soyuz Music) for organizing the interview