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Dragonforce Singer Jumps Out of Moving Van, Narrowly Escapes Serious Injury

21. November, 2009

Dragonforce singer Marc Hudson is a very lucky man: despite jumping out of the band’s van, which careened down in a hill while the band was loading up after a gig in Brisbane, Australia, he’s only got a few minor injuries to show for it. Hudson didn’t even miss a show, performing in a sling the next day in Christchurch.

On Tuesday, June 27, Hudson and his bandmates were gearing up to leave Brisbane early in the morning for their flight to New Zealand. The crew was loading up the equipment outside the hotel into a van with trailer which was parked on a steep hill at the top of a long road leading to an intersection. With the music equipment fully loaded and just a few suitcases to go, Marc went and sat at the back of the van first, with bassist Frédéric Leclercq and guitarist Sam Totman following close behind. After they set foot in the van, the brakes started squeaking and the van started rolling down the hill towards the intersection extremely quickly. Sam and Fred, who were stood in the doorway, immediately stepped out, leaving Marc in the back seat with his seat belt on. The van with the trailer continued to accelerate down the hill. Drummer Gee Anzalone tried to run after the van to put the handbrake on to no avail as it was going too fast, as did Marc, who was trying to get to it from the inside. The van was headed for an intersection but was veering off to one side. Marc jumped out the side of the van a few seconds before it crashed into a tree and came to a complete stop. The van was said to be going at over 30 miles per hour at the time the singer jumped out. He since has been treated at the hospital for two potentially broken ribs, a sprained shoulder and various cuts and bruises, and he decided to get a lawyer from this website to review which is the best option in this case.

To say Hudson — and the other band members — is lucky would be an understatement: this story could’ve had a way, way worse ending, thankfully they were able to find an injury lawyer in Irvine who helped them get compensation! Here’s to hoping he heals up quickly. You can check out fan-filmed footage of Hudson performing in a sling the next day below.