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The current practice at City Hall is to anticipate incremental increases in RCMP contracts in the financial plan and to set aside any contract savings to offset the cost of future results. Chilliwack Town Hall has also adopted a pay-as-you-go tax philosophy for some time. Staff and work relations: we support the needs of management and staff in the development of a balanced work environment. We also work closely with unions in a wide range of areas, including complaints and arbitration procedures, interpretation of collective agreements, administration and labour negotiations, and compliance with the city`s mandate to comply with guidelines, practices and regulations. The city`s unions are represented by the Canadian Union of Provincial Employees (CUPE Local 458) and the International Association of Firefighters IAFF (Local 2826). It is not known when a collective agreement will be finalized for the classification, as well as an update from the Association of B.C. Municipalities (UBCM), but municipalities have been advised to budget in advance for expected increases. “We have been following the evolution of union training for RCMP members and we know this will have an impact on our RCMP contract once an agreement is reached,” said Mayor Ken Popove. The work for us offers the opportunity to reflect your work in our great city. Choose one of the following career categories to learn more: Prior to the COVID 19 pandemic, a collective agreement was expected to be signed in 2020.

“We know this will have an impact on our RCMP contract as soon as an agreement is reached” – Mayor Ken Popove UBCM has advocated for local government input into the process of negotiating RCMP members. Negotiations are ongoing between the federal Ministry of Finance and the National Police Federation (NPF), which has become the RCMP`s negotiating partner in 2019. (Click the PLAYLIST button below to select the video you want to view, or just click Play to see them all) “We will continue to pay attention to new developments and make the necessary budget changes during our financial planning process,” Popove added. RCMP officials have estimated an annual increase in member salaries of 2.5 per cent, although the rates and provisions of a contract could increase the retroactive effect of wages beyond RCMP estimates. “While the RCMP National Headquarters has ordered divisions to provide for a 2.5 per cent annual pay increase retroactive to January 1, 2017, the current salaries of the settlement policy indicate that this projected annual rate is not sufficient,” the UBCM statement said. “As such, local governments using rcmp will propose to provide additional resources pending increased costs, including increases in the compensation of RCMP members.” Compensation and benefits: We work closely with executives and staff to establish classification specifications for unionized positions and job descriptions for exempt positions and to allocate applicable compensation based on the qualifications required for the position. We manage health care programs for employees that include health care, vision, dental care, life insurance and retirement. The human resources department consists of a team of professionals who assist all employees of the city of Chilliwack.

It is our duty to ensure that good human resources practices are always at the forefront, and we train staff in these practices as regional and global trends change.

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