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Best of Metal 2009 VOL. I

9. January, 2010

MetalCast Episode 140Happy New Year to you all. 2009 has been an awesome year in terms of Metal. Feel free to agree or be wrong. Litterally thousands of releases were put out and it was, as usual, not easy to hear them all, let alone buy them all. Like last time, we each selected four tracks to be spread over two episodes. 24 songs for one would be too long and too heavy in terms of Megabytes. Again it was hard as we all have at least 10-20 albums we wanted to play songs from. So even if band x or y isn’t represented doesn’t mean we didn’t find it worthy. Best Of means what we think were the best bands the past year. But don’t worry about variety, because it’s all there, two episodes long. Enjoy part 1 and don’t hesitate to leave your feedback and let us know your list. Here’s to 2010! Cheers!

Host: Polina, Kobe (via Skype)
Tracklist: Tim, Marcus, Polina, Judit, Karsten, Kobe

01. Jorn – World Gone Mad
02. Gwyllion – Closure
03. Red Circuit – Absinth
04. Drudkh – Ars Poetica
05. Skyfire – Rise and Decay
06. Diablo Swing Orchestra – Lucy Fears The Morning Star
07. Stratovarius – Higher We Go
08. Tyr – Hold the Heathen Hammer High
09. Anaal Nathrakh – Satanarchrist
10. Sonata Arctica – The Last Amazing Grays
11. Illusion Suite – The Devil In Your Heart
12. Mastodon – The Last Baron