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Arjen Lucassen: Star Quality

10. November, 2010

Arjen Lucassen is a musical maestro beyond compare, with fingers in so many pies it’s a wonder he can still play the guitar! However there is no escaping the buzz that hits the streets when a new Arjen album is about to scratch the vinyl. With the Star One album just released, naturally the Metalcast wants to get involved! Hopefully we may have a more in-depth talk with Arjen at a later date, until then let us whet your appetites with some quick-fire questions and answers from the man himself:

Thanks for agreeing to talk Arjen, you are the greatest.

Arjen: Ah, so you’ve noticed? 🙂

Just some quick ones to get people wanting the new album.

Arjen: Sure.

Many of our listeners are eagerly awaiting your new material. What can we expect from the new album?

Arjen: It’s darker, heavier and more down-to-earth than the first album. I personally think it sounds a lot better.

What has been the personal highlight of this recent creative period for you?

Arjen: I’m very creative indeed since my depression, guess it’s true what they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Seems like there is no ‘black hole period without inspiration’ in sight, and I’m enjoying every minute of it!

How do you feel your sound has progressed since the first Star One album?

Arjen: I worked on a new perfect guitar sound for weeks, because that was going to be the basis of the new album. As a result, the other instruments sound better as well. I definitely feel I’m getting better as a producer.

With so many musical ventures, how do you ensure each new one sounds fresh?

Arjen: Because I follow my inspiration. I never plan ahead too far, so I don’t limit myself. The music I come up with guides me into a new project, it’s a very organic and spontaneous process.

Is there any dream collaboration you would love to get, that you haven’t yet achieved?

Arjen: Oh yes, the list is endless. It would be great to work with my heroes that I grew up listening to like David Gilmour, Robert Plant, Alice Cooper, Geddy Lee, etc…

Finally, what would you hope listeners to gain from listening to this new album?

Arjen: It’s pure escapism, there are no profound messages. I’m also not trying to re-invent the wheel with this one. Just an honest, in-your-face album for people who like the metal side of Ayreon or for people who don’t like the softer side of Ayreon. Or of course for people who like everything about Ayreon, haha!

Thank you for taking a moment for our podcast listeners. I know you have many existing fans there but hopefully the new album will gain you even more!….

Arjen: You’re welcome, Si, that would be very cool indeed! Keep up the good work!

Star One album “Victims of the modern age” is out this month: go get it!!!
(If you are still unconvinced, watch out for our next regular episode, we might just play you a bit to convince you….)

Si Smith