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Attention, fellow headbangers, this episode is not for the fans of happy Metal. We present you another load of extreme Metal, but keep the focus on melody. Death Metal will be at the center of attention in one of the next episodes, but this time we aim our binoculars – or shall we say “headphones”? – on its Melodic brother, hence Melodic Death Metal. Sweden is very known for this style, but Finland shows some serious competition as well. The USA get a chance to delegate a candidate by the name of Sadhara, who should not be underestimated either. Enjoy this mix of brutality and melody and may you get inspired to buy a couple of these bands’ albums.

First song

Dark Tranquillity with Focus Shift from the album “Fiction”

Dark Tranquillity - Fiction


Second song

Insomnium with Mortal Share from the album “Above The Weeping World”

Insomnium - Above The Weeping World


Third song

Omnium Gatherum with Into Sea from the album “Stuck Here On Snakes Way”

Omnium Gatherum - Stuck Here On Snakes Way


Fourth song

Arch Enemy with I Am A Legend/Out For Blood from the album “Doomsday Machine”

Arch Enemy - I Am A Legend/Out For Blood


Fifth song

Sadhara with Beauty Etched Into Sunset from the album “To Hell, With Sympathy”

Sadhara - To Hell, With Sympathy


Sixth song

Wintersun with Winter Madness from the album “Wintersun”

Wintersun - Wintersun


Seventh song

Norther with The End Of Our Lives from the album “‘Til Death Unites Us”

Norther - ‘Til Death Unites Us


Eight song

Mors Principium Est with Another Creation from the album “Inhumanity”

Mors Principium Est - Inhumanity


Episode 20 Crew

Karsten – Webmaster / Director
Dylan – Host
Judith – News
Tim – Songs
Kobe – Shownotes
Marcus, Kalina, Jonas – Backstage work

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  1. joy12 says:

    Loved Insomnium! 😉

  2. Kobe says:

    Have I mentioned that I don’t really like MeloDeath? But I liked some songs from this Episode! Dark Tranquillity rules indeed!!! 😀

  3. vixee says:

    Awesome episode! ❗ All bands are great! Especially Norther and Wintersun. ➡

  4. karsten says:

    Dark Tranquillity rules ❗ ❗ ❗

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