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We hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and New Year around the world! We are back with episode 8, featuring Peavy from Heavy Metal band Rage! With Mike’s (drums) recent depature from Rage Peavy gives us some insight into how they met their new drummer plus Rage news and some inside information of the new album!
Episode 8 features the usual review, metal news plus excellent metal music! Remember that this is a podcast and not a live radio show! The episodes are pre-recorded and editted together. The episode will be downloadable at anytime there after.

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First song

Dream Evil – The Book Of Heavy Metal from the album “The Book Of Heavy Metal”


Second song

Manowar – The Sons Of Odin from the album “The Sons Of Odin EP”


Third song

Domain – All In The Name Of Fire from the album “Stardawn”

Fourth song

Judas Priest – Burn In Hell from the album “Jugulator”


Fifth song

Rage – Full Moon from the album “Speak Of The Dead”


Sixth song

Nostradameus – Wall Of Anger from the upcoming album “Pathway”


Seventh song

Symphony X – Of Sins And Shadow from the album “The Divine Wings Of Tragedy”


Episode 8 Crew

Karsten – Webmaster
Marcus – Host
Nick – Director
Judith – News, Interview
Polina – Review
Tim – Research News
Robin – Music
Kobe – Shownotes

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  1. vixee says:

    Oh! I never left a comment here…oops. But I did listen to it like a week ago. I really enjoyed the episode, especially that first song -Book of Heavy Metal! 😀 The interview was interesting to hear too and was also great! I never really heard anything from Rage until the day I listened to this episode. ➡

  2. Kobe says:

    None taken! I hate myself too. :mrgreen:

  3. masterveecee says:

    best episode ever!!!!

    no offence @ kobe 😉

  4. Kyra says:

    Great new design! ❗ Congrats, Karsten!

  5. karsten says:

    😉 thx

  6. Tharos says:

    All hail Karsten for the new look.:idea:

  7. Pierre Begin says:

    Ça fait plaisir Marcus! 😆

  8. karsten says:


  9. Marcus says:

    Pierre, merci pour le message! ❗

  10. Pierre Begin says:

    Excellent episode! I really appreciate the interview with Peavy (Rage). Keep up the good works! 💡

  11. Polina says:

    😉 cool 🙂

  12. Marcus says:


    Great interview, great songs, great reviews!

    Hope you guys like it 😉

  13. karsten says:

    great work again ❗

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