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Episode 7: New Years Special, featuring; Erik “Legion” (Marduk, Ophthalamia, Elizium).Come check Episode 7 this week on The Metal Cast! Celebrating 2007 we have Erik “Legion” (Marduk, Ophthalamia, Elizium) for an exclusive interview where he talks about his new band Elizium.
“So we just put all those influences together to just try and write some quality metal, but you could probably say the new Elizium is blackened death thrash…It’s definitely got a lot of old school influences and then we just spiced it all up with some guitar melodies”.

Episode 7 will feature music from the extreme metal genre, and will go online on the 31st of December (Sunday) which of course is New Years eve. Please remember that The Metal Cast is a pre-recorded podcast and not live radio! Episode 7 will go online at aprox 18:00 GMT (UK time). Episode 7 will be downloadable and streamable.


First song

Anaal Nathrakh – Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes from the new album “Domine Non Es Dignus”

Anaal Nathrakh - Domine Non Es Dignus

Second song

Belphegor – Hell’s Ambassador from the album “Pestapocalypse VI”

Belphegor - Pestapocalypse VI

Third song

1349 – Beyond The Apocalypse from the album “Beyond The Apocalypse”

1349 - Beyond The Apocalypse

Fourth song

Twilight – Exact Agony, Take Life from the album “Twilight”

Twilight - Twilight
Fifth Song

Ilizium – Instigator from their, as of yet untitled, upcoming album
Sixth song

Enthroned – Last Will from the album “Xes Haereticum”

Enthroned - Xes Haereticum


Seventh song

Azaghal – Codex Antitheus from the album “Codex Antitheus”

Azaghal - Codex Antitheus

Eight Song

Dissection – Beyond The Horizon from the album “Reinkaos”

Dissection - Reinkaos


Episode 5 Crew

Karsten – Webmaster
Kobe – Host
Nick – Director
Judith – News
Marcus – Research Review / Interview
Polina – Review
Tim – Research News

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  1. vixee says:

    I barley got to this one today. I listened at work 😛 I thought it was a good one too. Good night!

  2. Olivier says:

    This episode was great. My favorite so far. Every fucking song was great, especially from Belphegor, Elizium and Enthroned. Keep it up with the good work.:!:

  3. TechThing says:

    This was again a superb episode and although I’m more into Powermetal, I enjoyed every fucking song. Normally I would be like “bleh, no thanks.”, but it all sounded great, especially Belphegor. ➡

    Good job, lads. 💡

  4. Nick says:

    Happy New Year to all those listeners and thanks for supporting us!

  5. Tharos says:

    Happy Newyear! 💡

  6. karsten says:

    Happy New Year everyone 😛

  7. Marcus says:

    Enjoy this piece of extreme metal art! 😎

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