MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

TMC – Episode 17

20. May, 2007


Episode 17, featuring great metal in great variaty! We once again bring you alot of bands to discover and songs to enjoy. The weekly items of the news and the review are again present! Be sure to check out the special songs we have for you! Enjoy!

First song

Savatage – Conversation Piece from the album “Edge Of Thorns” (1993)

Second song

Abandoned – Disorder from the album “Thrash You” (2007)

Thrid song

After Forever – Evoke from the album “After Forever” (2007)

Fourth song

TME – The Worlds Collide from the album “Worlds Collide” (2007)

Fifth song

Iron Savior – Still I Believe from the album “Megatropolis” (2007)

Sixth song

Symphony X – The Serpent’s Kiss from the upcoming album “Paradise Lost” (2007)

Symphony X - Paradise Lost (2007)

Seventh song

Diablo Swing Orchestra – Zodiac Virtues from the album “The Butchers Ballroom” (2007)

Eighth song

Saxon – If I Was You from the ablum “The Inner Sanctum” (2007)

Episode 17 Crew

Karsten – Director / Webmaster
Kobe – Host / Review
Judith – News / Assistant Director ( 😛 )
Tim – Research Review and Songs
Marcus – Songs
Dylan, Jonas, Polina, Vicky – Backstage Work