MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 15 – Prog-Special VOL. I

22. April, 2007


Yes, this 15th episode is a Progressive special! Featuring an exclusive interview with Richard from Threshold! Other then that, we’ve got the usuall great metal collection from all over the world! We’ve got bands from Brazil, Japan, Hellgium, UK,… You will not be disappointed by this episode!

First song

Star One – Intergalactic Space Crusaders from the album “Space Metal”

Second song

Axamenta – Prophet Set To Witness from the album “Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture”

Third song

Stormental – Sun Child from the album “Stormental”
-> Check their site for the download of this complete album! <-

Fourth song

Vanden Plas – Lost In Silence from the album “Christ 0”

Fifth song

Atheist – The Formative Years from the album “Unquestionable Presence”

Sixth song

Sieges Even – Blue Wide Open from the album “The Art Of Navigating By The Stars”

Seventh song

Threshold – Slipstream from the album “Dead Reckoning”

Eight song

Fatima Hill – Wheel Of Fortune from the album “Valhalla”

Ninth song

Liquid Tension Experiment – Universal Mind from the album “Liquid Tension Experiment”

Episode 15 Crew

Karsten – Webmaster/Director
Kobe – Host / Shownotes
Marcus – Interview (Rock!)
Judith – News
Tim – News Research
Dylan, Jonas, Polina – Backstage work