TMC – Episode 14

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This episode features a varied combination of metal. From doom to power to thrash to heavy. Again, we got it all. 💡 Judith will be doing the metal news, as always, and Jonas a review of Middian their latest album. And with Dylan doing this weeks hosting, you will have a great show. Enjoy!

First song

Dionysus – True At Heart from the album “Fairytales And Reality”


Second song

Amenti – Shifting The Sands from their, yet to be released, first album



Third song

Edguy – Jerusalem from the album “Mandrake”


Fourth song

While Heaven Wept – Into The Wells Of Sorrow from the album “Sorrow Of The Angels”


Fifth song

Middian – The Celebrant from the album “Age Eternal”


Sixth song

Oceans Of Sadness – Pride And Shame from the album “Mirror Palace”


Seventh song

Bruce Dickinson – Power Of The Sun from the album “Tyranny Of Souls”


Episode 14 Crew

Karsten – Webmaster/Director
Dylan – Hosting
Judith – News
Jonas – Review
Kobe – Shownotes
Marcus/Polina/Tim – Backstage Work

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  1. Nick says:

    Hey guys thanks for playing Amenti – Shifting The Sands on your show, hope you enjoyed it.

    Be sure to keep an eye out for us in your respective countries as over the next 6 months we have a lot of world wide tours coming up.



  2. Kobe says:

    That’s what we are here for! Spread the Metal. 😛

    De groeten aan de mannen. Tot op een of ander optreden in een bruin zaaltje int kempenland. 😀

  3. Hi there!

    Thanks for supporting our band Oceans Of Sadness!

    This means a lot for us and we hope our music will reach as many people as possible!

    Rock ‘n roll to pleasure YOUR soul!


  4. Judith says:

    Nice collection again! ❗

  5. Kobe says:

    Hihi, yeah, OOS live practicly in my backjard. 😆 I know them for years now. Glad to see you like them. 🙂

    As for the rest, excellent songs again!

  6. vixee says:

    I’ll be the first to say, Great episode!!! ❗

    I really enjoyed the bands Middian and Oceans Of Sadness. This is the first time I heard about both these bands, and they’re pretty cool 💡

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