MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

TMC – Episode 13

25. March, 2007

After some minor technical problems (hey, it’s Episode 13 after all 🙂 ) we return with a new release, featuring as many metal genres as possible: we have for you heavy, thrash, death, prog and power songs, plus the latest metal news and a review of Rhapsody of Fire’s tour-opening gig in the Czech Republic. Enjoy!

First song

Dio – Shivers from the album “Master Of The Moon”

Second song

Destruction – Bestial Invasion from the album “Thrash Anthems”

Third song

Sylver Myst – Lovtred from the album “Emotions Revealed”

Fourth song

Gut – Smoking Man from the album “Shrubbery”

Fifth song

Rhapsody Of Fire – Silent Dream from the album “Triumph Or Agony”

Sixth song

Dying Fetus – Insidious Repression from the album “War Of Attrition”

Seventh song

Overloaded – War Of The Worlds from the album “Hail The Kingdom”

Episode 13 Crew

Karsten – Director / Webmaster
Kobe – Host / Shownotes
Judith – News / Review
Tim – Songs
Jonas, Polina, Marcus, Dylan – backstage work