Episode 204 – Dread Lair

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And here we have our first Special of the ones still in the pipeline, a label special. Suggested earlier by one of our listeners, Kelly Hoffart, but also our dear host from Londinium, Si, had the idea to make an episode consisting of … read more


Underground sonic terrorism: (ep.179)

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In an age where mainstream record shops seem to only stock “mainstream” metal, where is the resting place for the selective connosseur of true underground metal? In times of old it was a battered C90 cassette with photocopied cover and a hastily scribbled insert that promised dark, forbidden metal from some new unheard-of talent in the underground. But now in the age of digital media, THE DREAD LAIR stands as an alternative to the mainstream; a consortium of underground bands committed to promoting each other’s material, grown from humble beginnings and gradually evolving into an ever-increasing, ever-expanding source of Underground metal for those in the know.