An Interview With Aborym…

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An interview with Fabban, mastermind of the cult Italian band Aborym.     MetalCast Show/Marcus – Greetings, Fabban! Thank you very much for taking your time to answer the MetalCast Show interview. It’s really an honour for me to interview a musician whose … read more


An interview with Abigail/ Barbatos…

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  MetalCast Show/Marcus – Hails Yasuyuki! I have to say I never thought I’d be interviewing you! Thank you very much for this. I hope that this interview can give the readers some general impressions over your bands and yourself as well. First … read more


An interview with Dekadent…

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  MetalCast Show/ Marcus – I’d like to thank you for taking your time to answer our interview here on the MetalCast Show. It is with great pleasure that we present you guys here. Please, I ask you know to introduce Dekadent to our readers.   … read more


An interview with The Meads of Asphodel…

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  One of the most interesting bands ever! UK Experimental Black Metal. MetalCast Show/ Marcus – First of all I’d like to thank you very much for this opportunity… to interview you… that you took time to answer our questions here on the … read more


Colombian Metal: Mantus

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Blazing across the hills of Colombia comes a force for metal that cannot be silenced (no, not Duncan Hills Coffee): the music of Mantus. Featuring on our Dread Lair special this week, my fascination is what lies behind the music; what drives the … read more