BILOCATE: breaking the law?

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It could be said that many of us take our metal for granted: it is always there to uplift us, and those who can play guitar can always knock out a quick riff or two to chase away the winter blues. But to quote the mighty Priest, what if metal itself was “breaking the law”? BILOCATE are a hardworking metal band who find themselves in just such a position on a day to day basis, originating from Jordan which is a Hashemite kingdom whose legal system is based largely on Islamic law. I spoke to vocalist Ramzi Essayed from the relative safety of my London residence.


Episode 184

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Back from our Sunday church, we soldier on with the intensity and devotion of before. 2010 is nearing its end, but that doesn’t mean we ran out of material. Food for everyone, from Helstar, Grave Digger, Dark Moor over Apocalyptica and Helloween to … read more