Episode 99 – Kobe´s return

Saturday, February 28, 2009 Category: Regular Episodes Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

Episode CoverSpecial, Special, Special… a Regular will have to do, since no. 100 is around the corner! Best news: Kobe is back! Yes, he finally found the time again, even if we had to push him. But don’t worry, there will be other times for Marcus or Polina to give you your weekly medicine. Marcus has another film for you while on a musical level you can expect nothing but sheer quality from older and very new releases, spanning both melodic and aggressive styles, offering a variety that starts mainly in Scandinavia. Sweden and Finland provide the lion’s share. Enjoy, let your colleagues, friends, etc… listen along and don’t hesistate to vent your opinions.

Host: Kobe
Tracklist: Marcus, Tim, Judit, Polina, Kobe
Movie of the week: Marcus

01. Hevein – Break Out The Hammers (buy)
02. Depressed Mode – Death Multiplies (buy)
03. Ewigkeit – It’s Not Reality (buy)
04. Dark Moor – On The Hill Of Dreams (buy)
05. High On Fire – Waste Of Tiamat (buy)
06. Gojira – Death Of Me (buy)
07. Jorn – Where The Winds Blow (buy)
08. Wolf – Speed On (buy)
09. Stolen Babies – Awfull Fall (buy)
10. Edge Of Sanity – Twilight (buy)

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  1. ScreamingForVengeance says:

    Oh man, nice to have you back, Kobe! Hahaha, I wanted to post so would know that I’m actually not a bastard 🙂

    Stolen Babies always makes me smile, I really like that band. The Edge of Sanity song was also quite good. Looking forward to episode 100 just like everyone else!

  2. Kobe says:

    Heh, thanks guy’s. I try to do my best for you all.

  3. lukrativ says:

    Great EP, guys! Always good to have you back again, Kobe. I think it’s time for me to check out Dark Moor and Depressed Mode a little more. Can’t wait for the big 100!

  4. Polina says:

    That’s sooooooooo awesome to hear you again Kobe!!! 😆
    A splendid EP! ❗ ❗ ❗

  5. karsten says:

    yeah … welcome back Kobe! 💡

  6. Marcus says:

    Heya, welcome back, Kobe! I hope you guys enjoy this Episode as well as the movie of the week. Take care!

    Oh yeah, we got something special for you guys on EP 100 ❗

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