MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 94

24. January, 2009

Episode CoverAs Kobe is enjoying his new surroundings, Marcus took over the previous times and now it’s Polina’s turn to guide you through another trip of heavy music. As usual, you can expect nothing but sheer quality in diverse flavours, from H.E.A.T. producing Hard Rock to bleeding Death Metal from Fleshcrawl. Sit back, relax and enjoy. Keep those comments coming, as they are greatly appreciated.

Host: Polina
Tracklist: Marcus, Tim, Judit, Polina

01. Lord Vicar – Pillars Under Water
02. Sigh – Black Metal
03. Edguy – Pride Of Creation
04. H.E.A.T. – Never Let Go
05. Kaledon – The End Of The Green Power
06. Fleshcrawl – Scourge Of The Bleeding Haunted
07. Soulspell – Age of Silence
08. Denfire – Warrior
09. Ikuinen Kaamos – Your Gallows
10. Synthphonia Suprema – Shield Saviour