Episode 92 – Best Of Metal 2008 / Part Two

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2008, part 2. We hope you enjoyed the first part and that it inspired you to check out these or similar bands. Be ready for the other song package, focussing on Karsten’s and Polina’s choices and what-could-not-be-played-last-week (added by Kobe and Judit), finalized by Marcus and Tim. As usual, keep that head banging and leave your comments on the page, shoutbox or forum.

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  1. dizzwave says:

    Hey Marcus,
    I do like a lot of extreme metal, but it would be hard to broadly say that, cuz I really don’t like a lot of extreme stuff too. But, my favorite bands these days are Agalloch (thanks to you guys for introducing me ➡ ), Amon Amarth, Devin Townsend (right now I’m listening to Ocean Machine – Biomech, awesome album!), Opeth, Dream Theater (though not so much lately, I think I over-listened to them for a while)….
    and occasionally I like stuff like Emperor, older Mayhem… (I like the Taake stuff you played.)
    In general, I like progressive, black, melodic death, some doom.. (I liked the Mar De Grises you played too!)
    Hehe, very hard to categorize. 🙂 Really I like a lot of everything, very unpredictable.
    Anyway, I agree with ScreamingForVengeance — this is by far my favorite podcast too! Looking forward to next week…..

  2. Marcus says:

    dizzwave – are you more into Extreme Metal and it’s vertents? We need to know what our listeners like 🙂

    ScreamingForVengeance – a good way to start with Windir is with the compilation “Valfar, ein Windir”. It contains all “phases” of the band.

  3. ScreamingForVengeance says:

    Killer! Sounds good, thanks Marcus!


  4. dizzwave says:

    I really liked the Enslaved song, and had never heard them before. To me, it’s a good episode if I come away thinking “Ah, there’s one band I need to check out.” So because of that, I thought this was a good episode. But, to be honest, I wasn’t turned on by most of the rest of the songs.
    Nevertheless, I always enjoy listening to new stuff, and for that I thank you! 🙂

  5. Marcus says:

    Hey ScreamingForVengeance, thanks for the feed! I’ve been listening to Windir way before Valfar died (2004, sadly same year as Quorthon) so I can say that I have some knowledge about them. As soon as possible, I’ll be selecting more Windir songs to be played on the following EPs 😉

  6. ScreamingForVengeance says:

    An excellent episode! Thanks, guys. I think I am going to have to check out that Enslaved CD. I live in USA and it’s crazy to hear that a cool metal band can get national recognition in other countries. I’m really really enjoying this podcast. By far my favorite podcast. I would like to request some more Windir. I loved that song you played in episode 80 and wonder if there are other stand out songs like that by Windir. Anyway, keep up the good work dudes and dudettes!

  7. Marcus says:

    Hope you guys enjoy this one! Really good tunes! 😀

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