Episode 81 – feat. Tom S. Englund (Evergrey)

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We had another Special in preparation, but that’s postponed until next week (fingers crossed). Edu Falaschi (Almah) had his turn last week, now it’s time for Tom Englund from Evergrey to lay out the cards about the band and the new album, Torn, out since late September. Next to that you can expect the usual mix of styles and we even go back one more time to the 80s, although we stay in 2008 for the majority of this episode. Enjoy and keep sending your love.

Ayreon vs. Avantasia – Elected
Impaled Nazarene – The Horny And The Horned
Human Zoo – Raise Your Hands
Iced Earth – Sacrificial Kingdoms
Interview with Tom S. Englund
Evergrey – In Confidence
Dream Theater – You Not Me
Gorerotted – Zombie Graveyard Rape Bonanza
Mastodon – Aqua Dementia
Krisiun – Massacre Under The Sun
Ram-Zet – Queen

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  1. karsten says:


    ScreamingForVengeance said: :

    eck, go back and redo all the old podcasts to the new format so I can search those!

    \m/ (~_~) \m/

  2. ScreamingForVengeance says:

    I just noticed on this podcast on my iPod that I can search through the “chapters” on this episode. I LOVE this feature! It’s awesome to be able to quickly search through the podcast without searching aimlessly for the song I wanted to listen to again. Very, very cool! I am also LOVING the pictures that change throughout the podcast. Very, very cool! I always new this was an awesome podcast, now with these new features, it stands head and shoulders above all others. Keep up the good work guys! Heck, go back and redo all the old podcasts to the new format so I can search those!

    \m/ (~_~) \m/

  3. Marcus says:

    I really liked this interview! Great EP! ❗

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