Episode 78 – Epic Battles

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Time for another Special. Epic Metal is often and mostly associated with Power Metal, battles, dragons, warriors and more. But epicness can also be found in Death, Black and Doom, for example. So, as usual and to avoid this being a Power Metal Special, we dug and found diverse material that fit the bill. While the list is only a selection, be sure there is much more out there and some of those other bands will be featured in the coming episodes. Until then, enjoy this Epic Special! And don’t forget, your feedback is very welcome.

First song

Band: Battleroar
Song: Hyrkanian Blades
Album: To Death And Beyond…
Website Battleroar

Second song

Band: Manegarm
Song: I Underjorden
Album: Vargstenen
Website Manegarm

Third song

Band: Hammerfall
Song: Warriors of Faith
Album: Legacy Of Kings
Website Hammerfall

Fourth song

Band: While Heaven Wept
Song: The Drowning Years
Album: Of Empires Forlorn
Website While Heaven Wept

Fifth song

Band: Blind Guardian
Song: Born In A Mourning Hall
Album: Imaginations From The Other Side
Website Blind Guardian

Sixth song

Band: Behemoth
Song: The Reign ov Shemsu-Hor
Album: Demigod
Website Behemoth

Seventh song

Band: Iron Savior
Song: Tyranny Of Steel
Album: Battering Ram
Website Iron Savior

Eighth song

Band: Stormlord
Song: The Curse Of Medusa
Album: At the Gates of Utopia
Website Stormlord
Ninth song

Band: Rhapsody
Song: The Pride of the Tyrant
Album: Power of the Dragonflame
Website Rhapsody

Tenth song

Band: Lost Horizon
Song: Highlander (The One)
Album: A Flame To The Ground Beneath
Website Lost Horizon


Episode 78 Crew

Marcus / Tim / Polina / Judit – Songs
Kobe – Host / Song / Shownotes
Karsten – Webmaster / Director

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  1. Terpsichore says:

    Great episode here, guys! ❗ I loved listening to “Born in a Mourning Hall,” “The Curse of Medusa,” and especially “Highlander (The One).” Keep the awesomeness alive and let the metalheaviness live on! \m/

  2. Rheyvynn says:

    Hey guys, another GREAT episode! ❗ Of course, I am a little biased in this one since it was mostly bands that are or come close to Power Metal types, which is my fave. Keep up the AWESOME work! And hope that cold gets better Kobe ❓

  3. ThoNohT says:

    I was right. This really was the best episode! Very good job everyone!

  4. Marcus says:

    Great EP once again! ❗

  5. ThoNohT says:

    I’m only at 1/3, but this could easily become the best episode I have heard so far! 😆 😆 ❗

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