Episode 76

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Time flies by. EP 75 was done 7 days ago and already a new mixture of styles is yours to enjoy. It’s been a little while, but Doom Metal is once again represented. On top of that you’ll find the usual in terms of Death, Thrash and Power and more, from big and not-so-big, old and new, but always on a high level of quality. Since Savatage is on hold, we’ve got Jon Oliva’s Pain to fill that gap (Savatage II, if you want) and we’re offering a pre-taste of Metallica’s upcoming album, “Death Magnetic”. Dionysus is no more and it’s still some time before Luca Turilli will release his 4th solo album, so enjoy Olaf’s work in Symphonity. As usual, feedback is very welcome. And don’t forget to try our game if want to win a free CD.


First song
Band: Symphonity
Song: Bring Us the Light
Album: Voice from the Silence
Website Symphonity


Second song
Band: Municipal Waste
Song: Chemically Altered
Album: The Art of Partying
MySpace Municipal Waste

Third song
Band: Thy Final Pain
Song: Wrath Of The Insane
Album: Epitaph

Website Thy Final Pain


Fourth song
Band: Sinergy
Song: Beware The Heavens
Album: Beware The Heavens
Website Sinergy MySpace Sinergy


Fifth song
Band: Katra
Song: Forgotten Bride
Album: Beast Within
Website Katra


Sixth song
Band: Metallica
Song: Broken, Beat and Scarred
Album: Death Magnetic
Website Metallica

Seventh song
Band: Toxic Holocaust
Song: Death Camp
Album: Hell On Earth
Website Toxic Holocaust

Eighth song
Band: Jon Oliva’s Pain
Song: Before I Hang
Album: Global Warning
Website Jon Oliva's Pain

Ninth song
Band: Testament
Song: Low
Album: Low
Website Testament MySpace Testament

Tenth song
Band: Reverend Bizarre
Song: The Devil Rides Out
Album: II: Crush The Insects
MySpace Reverend Bizarre


Episode REPLACEME! Crew

Marcus – Host / Songs
Tim / Judit – Host / Songs
Kobe – Host / Shownotes
Karsten – Webmaster / Director

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  1. Gage says:

    Hey great job Marcus, I love this show keep it up.

  2. Marcus says:

    Hey Matt, thanks a lot! I think this makes the show way more friendly and not robotic like “here we have band x with the song y from the album z”, you know. Great to have some feedback! And be sure we are all here reading your suggestions and trying to put them on the show as soon as possible!

  3. Matt says:

    Great show! I dig the little tidbits you throw between songs about your life and all. It adds some nice flavor and diversity to the mix. Not to mention all the bands I get to rock to, that I have never been rocked by before! Band suggestion: Tanzwut

    Up the Hammers!


  4. lukrativ says:

    Great show this week! Nice picks from Sinergy, Katra, and Testament. You know, I was even liking the new Metallica song. Keep it up!

  5. Marcus says:


    Hope you guys enjoy it! 🙂

  6. TechThing says:

    Great songs, once again. ❗ And eh.. Marcus? 😕 😛

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