Episode 69

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Ok, folks, last episode before our (short) summer break. 69, the number of you-know-what. 😀 So, to make this temporary leave extra special, we took some songs that fit in this context. There are lots of love-related songs in Metal, for the more hardcore ones it’s less easy to find them, but we succeeded. :beer: No parental advisory here, though. :lala: Enjoy and have a great summer!

First song

Band: Savatage
Song: Hard For Love
Album: Power Of The Night
Website Savatage

Second song

Band: Doro
Song: Do You Like It
Album: Love Me In Black
Website Doro

Third song

Band: Lacrimosa
Song: Liebesspiel
Album: Fassade
Website Lacrimosa

Fourth song

Band: Edguy
Song: Lavatory Love Machine
Album: Hellfire Club
Website Edguy

Fifth song

Band: Dark Funeral
Song: Goddess of Sodomy
Album: Diabolis Interium
Website Dark Funeral

Sixth song

Band: Tenacious D
Song: Fuck Her Gently
Album: Tenacious D
Website Tenacious D

Seventh song

Band: Nightwish
Song: She Is My Sin
Album: Wishmaster
Website Nightwish

Eighth song

Band: Overloaded
Song: Ride That Feeling
Album: Regeneration
Website Overloaded

Ninth song

Band: Absolute Steel
Song: High Heels And Fishnet Stockings
Album: Womanizer
Website Absolute Steel

Tenth song

Band: Beethoven R
Song: El Guardian De Tú Piel
Album: Un Poco Mas
Website Beethoven R


Episode 69 Crew

Marcus / Tim / Judit / Polina – Songs
Kobe – Host / Shownotes
Karsten – Webmaster / Director

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  1. Polina says:

    Glad you enjoyed it Pedro! 😛
    Kiss for sure, but there are tonnes of such songs! I even remembered a doom one the day after the release heheh. Guess after a while we can do it again cos it’s surely fun! 😛

    Cheers! 💡

  2. Pedro says:

    I think you can keep doing the interviews, I like them. ❗

  3. Pedro says:

    Great episode guys! very funny and inspiring … :mrgreen:
    I just think you forgot to play some KISS, they’re all about love metal!

  4. Marcus says:

    Hey Papich, thanks a lot! I like working on the interviews very much and it’s just great to get feedback like yours. Reverend Bizarre was indeed really cool. Great band and great members. More interviews to come 🙂

  5. Papich says:

    I like the interviews, the one with reverend bizarre was cool

  6. TechThing says:

    I haven’t listened yet, will try to do asap. Regarding what dark-leo said, here’s the babelfish translation: “please in podcast thanks put only music leave of side the interviews.” In short: he wants us to leave out the interviews and just play songs. I wonder how other people feel about this. 😕

  7. dark-leo says:

    por favor en los podcast pongan solo musica dejen de lado las entrevistas…gracias

  8. Kobe says:

    How the hell did that happen! Fixed! 😛 Thanks you sexy T. 😆

  9. karsten says:

    ouups …. 😛

  10. ThoNohT says:

    I don’t think Absolute Steel has a song Website Absolute Steel 😳

  11. karsten says:

    Tenacious D :mrgreen:

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