Episode 46 – French Metal Special

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La douce France is more than wine, sunshine, olives, cheese, champagne, the Eiffel tower and president Sarkozy. Just like any other self-respecting Metal country they have excellent material to offer, ranging from – for example – Power Metal to raw Black Metal. Some bands keep it French in terms of lyrics, others will use English to reach more fans. Just like with the Belgian, Russian, Japanese, Norwegian and Hungarian Special we’ve tried – from the material we have in our collections – to create an image of what France can provide, no matter what genre. Préparez-vous pour une expérience phénoménale et n’hésitez pas à nous laisser un petit message. In short: brace yourselves for a wonderful experience and feel free to leave a comment.

line.gifFirst songManigance
Band: Manigance
Song: Mirage (intro) / Empire Virtuel
Album: D’Un Autre Sang
www.manigance.netline.gifSecond songGojira
Band: Gojira
Song: Ocean Planet
Album: From Mars To Sirius
www.gojira-music.comline.gifThird songAdagio
Band: Adagio
Song: Children Of The Dead Lake
Album: Dominate
www.adagio-online.comline.gifFourth songBlut Aus Nord
Band: Blut Aus Nord
Song: The Sounds of the Universe
Album: The Destruction of Reason by Illumination
www.myspace.com/thesupremeabstractline.gifFifth songArt 238
Band: ART 238
Song: Malformed Breed
Album: Empire of the Atom
www.myspace.com/art238line.gifSixth songHeavenly
Band: Heavenly
Song: Virus
Album: Virus
www.heavenly.frline.gifSeventh songFairyland
Band: Fairyland
Song: The Walls Of Laemnil
Album: The Fall Of An Empire
www.fairyland-metal.comline.gifEighth songHiminbjorg
Band: Himinbjørg
Song: Entering Odin’s Huge Palace
Album: Europa
www.himinbjorg.fr.stline.gifNinth song
Inborn SufferingBand: Inborn Suffering
Song: As I Close My Eyes
Album: Wordless Hope
www.inborn-suffering.comline.gifTenth songAabsinthe
Band: Aabsinthe
Song: Near Death Experience
Album: The Loss of Illusions
www.myspace.com/aabsintheline.gifEleventh songPeste Noire
Band: Peste Noire
Song: Dueil Angoisseus
Album: La Sanie Des Siècles – Panégyrique De La Dégénérescence
No official siteline.gifTwelvth songLivarkahil
Band: Livarkahil
Song: Be My Plastic Queen
Album: No Cure For The Fools

Episode 46 Crew

Tim / Marcus – All Songs / Info
Kobe – Host / Shownotes
Karsten – Webmaster / Director…

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  1. Linda says:

    Looks like another great lineup. A few I’m familiar with (Adagio, Heavenly, Gojira), a couple I’ve heard of but not heard, and …heaven… new ones!!! Will listen tomorrow at work. Gives me something to look forward to. Thanks again, kids

  2. Marcus says:

    Hey, thanks for the comment! I must say that Canada has a very good metal scene, in fact I have lots of Canadian Metal material here. That will happen for sure. Brazil, Canada, Spanish Metal and lots are on the way. Thanks again for the reply and the tip ➡

  3. Morris says:

    Thanks for another cool program. I really like these country theme episodes!

    Enjoyed all the bands, but Adagio, Aabsinthe, Inborn Suffering and Peste Noir were especially impressive to say the least.

    Btw, when are you going to do a show on Canadian Metal? 😀 😉

  4. Marcus says:

    Enjoy it guys. Great episode! Even more proud of this one because of my heritage 😀 😛

    😎 😎

  5. livarkahil says:


    Thank you to have chosen our song “be my plastic queen”!!!!

    See you soon on stage!!!


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