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Episode 36 – The Anniversary Episode

11. November, 2007


So here we are, celebrating our one year anniversary with a great interview from an amazing band, Gamma Ray. On this episode, we’ll have songs from varied metal styles, representing what we have done along this year, Power, Doom, Death, Thrash, Gothic, everyone will be pleased. A special participation from the band Down the Drain and another Myspace band of the Week for you guys to enjoy.

Also, we’d like to thank all the listeners whose support us, the bands which were kind enough to give us pleasant interviews, ex-members of the MetalCast that helped us on this journey. This show is for you guys, so let’s celebrate together and hope that we’ll have more and more anniversaries.

First songmanagarmvredenstid.jpg

Band: Manegarm
Song: Vredens Tid
Album: Vredens Tid

Second songicaruswitch.jpg

Band: Icarus Witch
Song: Nature Of The Beast
Album: Songs For The Lost

Third songdownthedrain.jpg

Band: Down The Drain
Song: That Which Will Not Die
Album: Dying Inside

Fourth songcover_the_god_thing.jpg

Band: Vanden Plas
Song: We’re Not God
Album: The God Thing

Fifth songfear_factory_-_archetype.jpg

Band: Fear Factory
Song: Cyberwaste
Album: Archetype

Sixth songgammaray.jpg

Band: Gamma Ray
Song: Opportunity
Album: Land Of The Free II

Seventh songgammaray.jpg

Band: Gamma Ray
Song: From The Ashes
Album: Land Of The Free 2
Special thanks to Maxim Bylkin for organising the interview!
Eighth songlimbonicart.jpg

Band: Limbonic Art
Song: Infernal Phantom Kingdom
Album: Legacy Of Evil

Ninth songtoxicvirgin.jpg

Band: Toxic Virgin
Song: Evil Days
Album: Sulphur

Tenth songonslaught.jpg

Band: Onslaught
Song: Shock ‘n’ Awe
Album: Killing Peace

Eleventh songidcb-kansi.jpg

Band: Dark The Suns
Song: Reflections
Album: In Darkness Comes Beauty

Twelvth songinthearmsofdevastation2.jpg

Band: Kataklysm
Song: In Words Of Desperation
Album: In The Arms Of Devastation

Thirdteenth songswallowthesun.jpg

Band: Swallow The Sun
Song: These Hours Of Despair
Album: Hope

Diablo Swing Orchestra @ De Rots, Antwerp, Belgium YouTube-video’s

Part 1
Part 2


Episode 36 Crew

Tim / Marcus – Songs
Polina – Interview / Songs
Kobe – Host / Song / Shownotes
Karsten – Webmaster / Director