Episode 28 – Japanese Metal Special

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From the land of the rising sun you bring you the finest metal that you will surely enjoy! There’s everything for all tastes, black, thrash, heavy, avant-garde, neo-classical, stoner… from classic bands like Loudness to new promises like Endless Dismal Moan. From beautiful tunes by Concerto Moon to the extreme metal played by Abigail! This is indeed one of the most exotic episodes from a very interesting country which has one of the best metal scenes to be discovered by you people! Enjoy it! Thanks to our Japanese friend MiMi and to my Japanese in-laws for the help 🙂

First song

Metalucifer with Lost Sanctuary from the album “Heavy Metal Chainsaw”



Second song

Sigh with Curse Of Izanagi from the album “Hail Horror Hall”



Third song

Concerto Moon with Unstill Night from the album “Destruction and Creation”



Fourth song

Loudness with Run For Your Life from the album “Thunder In The East”



Fifth song

Abigail with We’re The Pussy Hunter from the album “Forever Street Metal Bitch”



Sixth song

Sabbat with Harmageddon from the album “Karisma”



Seventh song

Church Of Misery with Megalomania (Herbert Mullin) from the album “Master Of Brutality”



Eighth song

Endless Dismal Moan with Calamitous Box from the album “Endless Dismal Moan”



Ninth song

Gonin-Ish with Jinbaika from the album “Naishikyo-Sekai”



Tenth song

Kelly Simonz with Silent Scream from the album “Silent Scream”



Eleventh song

Barbatos with Prophecy Of The Evening Star from the album “War! Speed And Power”



Episode 28 Crew

Marcus – Host / Songs / All Info
Karsten – Director / Webmaster
Kobe – Shownotes
MiMi – Honourary Member…

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  1. I’d been extremely pleased to uncover this website.I need to to appreciate this great read!! I definitely enjoying every bit of it and that i have you ever bookmarked to look at new stuff you post.

  2. Karl says:

    Gonin-Ish Rocks!! Thanks for podcasting their music!

  3. Karl says:

    Gonin-Ish Rock! Thanks for podcasting thewr music!!!

  4. Marcus says:

    Thanks Linda! We are both much better, thanks! Age is just a three-letter word, or maybe only a number 🙂

    Again thank you for your support 💡

  5. Linda says:

    Wonderful show, kids. ❗ It is so great finding music from other shores.
    Marcus, sorry to hear your Mom is ill. Hope she is better soon, along with your cold.
    1981. huh, I’m feeling mighty old.. 😆

  6. Marcus says:

    Ohhh, I have much more 😛 😛

    Great that you enjoyed it, I hope all listeners are as well 💡

  7. Kobe says:

    It really is a great show Marcus. Again, it’s a pleasure to hear what crazy and awesome bands there are across the globe! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next. 🙂

  8. MiMi says:

    thanks a lot for introducing Japanese cool artists, Metal Cast staffs! ➡
    yeah there are various styles…that means Japanese excellent musicians are trying to express their visions or feelings in their own ways…to be honest, I’d not listened to the other bands except Rhapsody Of Fire, but I found so many talented artists are challenging their new creations…so I’d like to support them as far as I can…and Metal Cast always gives people good opportunities to discover unknown great music/musicians all over the world! stay metal and rock on! 🙂

  9. Marcus says:

    I hope you enjoy it! I’m really proud of this episode and tried to select songs from several metal styles! 😛

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