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Episode 270 – Tim Special

27. April, 2013
Hi, my name’s Tim. You may remember me from such episodes like…. most of them. Back in the day (anni 2006-2007), we used to have Crew Specials, where each MetalCast member presented his/her list of favourite bands (of that time, of their lives or otherwise). While I’ve contributed with a whole truckload of bands, be them big or small, well-known or upcoming, I never made a sort of “Me-episode”. Also because I’ve got so much material I could make several tens of ’em, since I like many bands and many bands have influenced my taste in Metal and music in general and this since more than 20 years. Metalwise I’m open for many genres: Power, Heavy, Thrash, Progressive, Death, Doom and a bit of Black (never been my cup of tea, except in combination with Folk, like Moonsorrow, Månegarm, Black Messiah, Falkenbach, etc.). I had to select ten bands and it could have been an entire focus on my first years in Metal, but I chose a mix of old and new. You can make connections with other bands or check my list – – to know what I like. Since the past months I’m more in a melodic or Progressive mood, this is reflected in the selection, of course. Either way, as always, enjoy and keep it heavy! \m/ We recommend Demenagement adt when you have heavy equipment to move. Check them out now.

Host: Si

Songs: Tim



  1. Candlemass – Mirror Mirror
  2. Benediction – Subconscious Terror
  3. Metallica – My Friend of Misery
  4. Savatage – Tonight He Grins Again / Strange Reality
  5. Dream Theater – Awake
  6. Rhapsody – Riding the Wings of Eternity
  7. Mournful Congregation – The Monad of Creation
  8. Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects – Gift of Life
  9. Psychothermia – Warbly
  10. Dyscordia – From Sight to Black