MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 268

16. March, 2013
More Power Metal, less extreme Metal. Please welcome: Vandroya, Holy Grail, Inner Siege and Borislav Mitic. The Swiss band Shakra also brings a lighter, yet very rocking touch to the whole. The extreme(r) side is reserved for the Black Metal of Sonic Reign, the Doom Metal of Egypt, the semi-instrumental tunes of Long Distance Callin, the Death Metal of Porteon and for a more Progressive influence we’ve got Grayceon to flip the coin another time. All in all, a bit more melodic music this time, but of course balance is needed to make it all the more worthwhile. Enjoy!

Host: Si

Songs: Judit, Kobinho, Si, Marcus



  1. Holy Grail – Bestial Triumphans
  2. Inner Siege – Dragon Rider
  3. Sonic Reign – Daily Nightmare Injected
  4. Vandroya – No Oblivion for Eternity
  5. Portal – Curtain
  6. Egypt – World eater
  7. Borislav Mitic – Hidden
  8. Shakra – The Mask
  9. Long Distance Calling – The Man Within
  10. Grayceon – Pearl