Episode 268

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More Power Metal, less extreme Metal. Please welcome: Vandroya, Holy Grail, Inner Siege and Borislav Mitic. The Swiss band Shakra also brings a lighter, yet very rocking touch to the whole. The extreme(r) side is reserved for the Black Metal of Sonic Reign, the Doom Metal of Egypt, the semi-instrumental tunes of Long Distance Callin, the Death Metal of Porteon and for a more Progressive influence we’ve got Grayceon to flip the coin another time. All in all, a bit more melodic music this time, but of course balance is needed to make it all the more worthwhile. Enjoy!

Host: Si

Songs: Judit, Kobinho, Si, Marcus


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  1. Holy Grail – Bestial Triumphans
  2. Inner Siege – Dragon Rider
  3. Sonic Reign – Daily Nightmare Injected
  4. Vandroya – No Oblivion for Eternity
  5. Portal – Curtain
  6. Egypt – World eater
  7. Borislav Mitic – Hidden
  8. Shakra – The Mask
  9. Long Distance Calling – The Man Within
  10. Grayceon – Pearl

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  1. Jeremy Ray says:

    Thanks for playing Dragon Rider ! The guys in InnerSiege appreciate it !
    Great selection of music in this episode !

  2. Sly says:

    Thanks for another awesome show – some great stuff. But bad for my bank account….

    • Libby says:

      That kind of thiiknng shows you’re an expert

    • Great article! I had my first experience with pairing cheese and beer and it was actually made pretty easy because it was Chimay beer paired with Chimay cheese. I’m looking forward to using this article to help me with future pairings, both just for me and for use in my beer club.Thanks!

    • http://www./ says:

      Ich finde die Bilder sind toll geworden. Und gerade das mit der Zuckerwatte sieht klasse aus =)Was für eine Kamera hast du denn?Ich liebäugel momentan mit der Canon EOS 600d…

    • http://www./ says:

      « Le jour ou la femme fera vraiment LA MOITIÉ du chemin Frank…Tu vas me voir arrêter de chialer, fermer ma gueule, pis retourner sur le marché d’la séduction »iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!C’est pas demain la veille!

    • Guarda paolo, non troverò mai le parole per descriverti… se uno st… mi hai rovinato la mattinata! ho letto l’articolo ma non i commenti e ho fatto dalle 8.00 alle 15.36 a pensare… ipotesi di tutti i tipi… bella, comunque, grazie!ciao

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