Episode 262 – Si Special

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As Polina would say: it’s been ages since we last had a Crew Special, where a crew member presents his/her 10 most preferred songs of the moment or of all time. This time our Lord Of Time aka Si eagerly wanted to present you his shortlist. No worries, it’s not all Black Metal. For the older episodes, look in the list for “Special (name)”. Enjoy!

Tracklist & hosting: Si

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01. Winterstorm – Return to Glory
02. Winterfylleth – A thousand Winters
03. Khors – Only time will take it away
04. Ensiferum – In my sword I trust
05. Eye of Solitude – Suffocating Silence
06. Krallice – IIIIIII
07. Evoken – Grim Eloquence
08. Ex Deo – I, Caligvla
09. Heaven Rain – Dreamless
10. Saturnian – Eternal Eclipse

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  1. karsten says:

    +1 Marcus! 🙂

  2. Marcus says:

    I actually find Kobe’s hosting amazing and that the “strange English-like inflections”, “different non English speaking accents”, etc, etc. etc. added a very special flavour to the MetalCast.

  3. Nathan Magus says:

    This should be interesting!

    Finally, Simon of Smith gets his own crew special, and we get to avoid the strange English-like inflections of Kobe yet another time (no offense, Kobe)!

    I like the fact that you started with a song with an awesome sounding title. I’m downloading this… NOW!

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