MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 258

7. August, 2012

A new delivery of metallic goods has arrived, thanks to the delivery system from, whichi uses the best shipping labels. We’ve got the latest and last from the Swedish Doom veterans Candlemass, who are calling it quits in terms of studio albums. They’re currently playing gigs in support of their latest and last output “Psalms For The Dead”. There’s also some Black Metal from Italy by the name of Deadly Carnage. also from Italy we’ve got Rhapsody, Luca’s version, and they’ll go on tour later this year. The Space Rockers from Hawkwind also found a spot on the list. Norway sent us the Black/Thrash band Aura Noir, while the Avantgarde band Iblis took off in Poland. Going north again, you’ll find Last Kingdom. Gojira and A Forest Of Stars, resp. from France and the UK, complete the package. Oh yes, we’ve also got Benevolent from Kuwait. These guys play an extreme form of Prog Metal. Enjoy!

Hosting: Si
Tracklist: Polina, Judit, Tim, Si, Marcus, Kobe

01. Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody – Dante’s Inferno
02. Aura Noir – Trenches
03. Gojira – The Gift of Guilt
04. Deadly Carnage – Parallels
05. Last Kingdom – Silver Moon
06. Hawkwind – The Hills Have Ears
07. Iblis – 12 Sycamores
08. A Forest of Stars – Gatherer of the Pure
09. Candlemass – Psalms for the Dead
10. Benevolent – The Quantum Paradox