Episode 256 – Luxemburg

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Time to travel again. This time we visit Luxembourg. A small country, but it does have a Metal scene, no matter how small or big. Of course, we have played some Luxembourgian Metal in the past and those bands are featured in this Nation Special again, also because our collections hold only very few bands from that area and because many releases just aren’t as wide-spread as the gazillion German, Scandinavian, Italian, American, etc… are. Metal-Archives has a selection in their database and luckily we found 10 bands to be featured. So this episode is at the same time a call to all existing Luxembourgian bands to get in touch with us to help spread the word and sound. We hope to feature more bands in the future, but without their reply, it’s not going to happen. Again, due to our collections not holding much such material. Nevertheless, as always, we hope you enjoy this package. Feedback and suggestions are of course still welcome.

Hosting: Si
Tracklist: Polina, Judit, Tim, Si, Marcus, Kobe

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01. Abstract Rapture – Primal Sin Crisis
02. Rude Revelation – Waiting
03. Sleeper’s Guilt – Price to pay
04. Le Grand Guignol – Degenesis
05. Kyrenee – Hope sweet rope
06. Dreadnought – Pastor
07. Funerarium – Riders of doom
08. Clanrock – Rommelpott
09. Exinferis – Blackened by daylight
10. Kraton – Hades

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  3. Raph says:

    New rude Revelation songs 2011… 😉


  4. Chris says:

    Check out Scarlet Anger from luxembourg!

  5. Marcus says:

    Facebook like button, why you no work for me???

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