Episode 250 – Dragon Special

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Back in February one of our listeners, Nathan Magus, suggested a Dragon Themed Special, since 2012 is said to be the Year Of The Dragon. We looked into our collections for songs about dragons. Of course the choices are legion, massive and more. There are many bands out there with songs that have the word dragon in the title or even in the band name. We didn’t really look for band names, didn’t really think of them, but we did find sufficient song material involving dragons. This could be the first of several Dragon Specials, but while we consider such a series, enjoy this Dragon Themed Special. Cheers!

Hosting: Si
Tracklist: Judit, Tim, Si, Marcus

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01. Grave Digger – Dragon
02. Luca Turilli – Black Dragon
03. Nazgul – Legio Draconorum Orkian (The Legion of the Orkian Dragons)
04. Battlelore – Green Dragon
05. Hammerfall –The dragon lies bleeding
06. Dissection – Black Dragon
07. Raventhrone – Dragon of the Nightsky
08. Nevermore – The river dragon has come
09. Grendel – The dragon awakes
10. Gojira – Where dragons dwell

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  1. glad the Hammerfall song made it (during the second song, I craved it). If yall do another one, Blind Guardian has hella dragon songs about, with, “for” and “by” dragons; “Welcome to Dying” stands out to me as being the best typical “dragon burning down the village” song. For an all-around dope song, “Chasing the Dragon” by Dream Evil. There are several not-so-annoying and more sing-along versions of “Tears of the Dragon” including a live one in France with Angra (and Bruce Dickinson).

  2. “Black Dragons” is going to be the name of a short Karate themed martial arts clipshow I’ll be making in a couple of days. I plan to release it on US Broadcast & Cable TV networks. If I can…

    By the way, Matt Viktor Teoh = Nathan Magus = Nathan Zhang (real name).

    Don’t worry, “Black Dragons” will be completely clean. Unlike some of my other flicks… 🙁

  3. Cheng says:

    YEAH! Dragons!

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