Episode 244

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MetalCast-Episode 244

A rather extreme episode this time, though there’s a nice balance between heavy riffs, thundering drums, happy melodies and bombastic operaticness. On the extreme side we have the Black Metal band Azaghal from Finland, the Death Metal formation Baht from Turkey and the Doom groupings XII Boar from the UK, The 11th Hour from The Netherlands and Pallbearer from the USA. On the melodic side of things, there is the Folk/Black/Power Metal combo Black Messiah from Germany (though one can also place them in the other camp), the Folk Metal assembly Dalriada from Hungary, the Gothic Metal bands Xandria from Germany and Diabulus In Musica all the way from Spain. Except perhaps for Dalriada, the rest is as new as can be. Enjoy!

Hosting: Si
Tracklist: Si, Tim, Marcus

01. XII Boar – Smokin’ Bones
02. Black Messiah – Der RIng Mit Dem Kreuz
03. Baht – The Trauma
04. Azaghal – Vihasta ja Veritoista
05. The 11th Hour – The death of live
06. Xandria – A prophecy of worlds to fall
07. Hammer Horde – Infinite war thirst
08. Dalriada – Igeret
09. Diabulus in Musica – Ex nihilo
10. Pallbearer – The legend

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    the link should work now :angel

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    You guys, it looks like the download link for the Episode 244 MP3 file is wrong… it actually links to the Episode 243 MP3, while the ‘enhanced’ version works fine, linking to the Episode 244…

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