Episode 243 – Historical special Vol 3

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MetalCast-Episode 243

Alrighty, people, take your history books. We’re starting way back in time, ten, maybe hundreds of years before the year of our Lord. The Lord Of Time will however NOT be your guide in this musical journey through ages past, as he’s taking the liberty to go skiing, now that everyone or most are back home and at work. Chapter 1: Helvetios by Eluveitie. From there we move on into the Roman empire in chapter 2 with Deströyer 666. We remain there for chapter 3, thanks to Spearhead. Moving on after that into 12th century with Magic Kingdom, while Hollenthon awaits us in the 15th century. Get set then for a jump forward with Imperial Vengeance as we enter Victorian times, followed by a trip to the 20th century serial killers. And killing also happens in WW II, where we are assisted by Barbatos. Sodom then takes us into Stalin territory, while Mob Rules shows us some insights regarding the murder on JFK. We all hope you’ve got pen and paper at the ready (or other means of writing). Buckle up, enjoy and do leave your impressions, at the end of the voyage, at the usual places. Thank you for choosing MetalCast Endeavours!

Hosting: Si
Tracklist: Si, Tim, Marcus

01. Eluveitie – Helvetios
02. Destroyer 666 – King of kings
03. Spearhead – Interregnum + Iulianus Augustus Apostata
04. Magic Kingdom – I’m a lionheart
05. Hollenthon – Ars Moriendi
06. Imperial Vengeance – Black heart of empire
07. Rage – Serial killer
08. Barbatos – Shoigunjinsho: All for the Son of Heaven
09. Sodom – Stalinorgel
10. Mob Rules – The Oswald file

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Episode 139 – Historical special Vol 1

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  1. Welcome, Jules!! Great to have you – and just wanted to say that having had company with us for only two weeks back in April was a challenge keeping on plan. You have picked a great one to work on, and I know it won’t be easy but I’m here for support if you need it. Looking forward to your update with staying on plan AND how things go with having company that long (that is a LONG time!) Good luck!!

  2. Creatissimo Another great post! Letters are important to me so I do notice all the different shapes of mail-boxes wherever I go. Congrats for the Muse winning. Isn't it everybody's dream to become someone's Muse? I'm looking forward to see more photos from you!And what a great idea to be creative with your son! That sounds like fun for sure!!

  3. I repeat;“I would like to know what Nigel would consider “ground-breaking”, and I ask this with specific regard to libertarian issues.”Do you understand the question Nigel? As I am sure Antony would respond to any spefic concerns his future constituents have. But if I were in his shoes, I wouldn’t respond to a Flamer.

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    Seconded!Sure be innovative but don’t take it too far. Remember what Sonic and his story is about in the first place. Otherwise the innovation becomes the problem, NOT the solution.

  6. http://www./ says:

    Pandora gab es hierzulande auch, bis man sich mit der GEMA nicht einigen konnte. Bei Hulu und Pandora liegt die Beschränkung nicht am Traffic, sondern einzig an rechtlichen Voraussetzungen.

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  8. Elida says:

    This is both street smart and innillegett.

  9. Zombie Dr. says:

    Have you ever thought about changing the way you name the specials? Instead of having them numbered sequentially, how about by year? You could have a Death Metal Special 2012, for example. I love the genre specials and I would like to see them more frequently and I think that this method would make it easier to keep track of them.

    Also, I don’t see either a “side project” special or “super group” special and I’d like to see either one of those.

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