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Episode 241 – Obsessed With Metal Vol. 2

26. February, 2012
MetalCast-Episode 241

Obsessed With Metal, pt. 2. The first was done in July last year. See here. As you can imagine, there are countless songs about Metal, hailing the music, the community, and more. And since there are also countless Metalbands, the choices remain legio. This time we selected Saxon, Gamma Ray, Destruction, Venom, Thunderbolt, Tankard, Metalucifer, Sex Machineguns, Vhaldemar and to close off, David Rock Feinstein singing with the late Ronnie James Dio. The musical variety is limited to Heavy, Power and Thrash, but as always, if you know other bands that take on a more extreme approach in this situation, do not hesistate to let us know and perhaps we can them on the next Obsessed With Metal episode. Cheers!

Hosting: Kobe
Tracklist: Si, Tim, Kobe, Marcus

01. Gamma Ray – Heavy Metal Universe
02. Thunderbolt – Metal Tide
03. Saxon – Heavy Metal Thunder
04. Metalucifer – Heavy Metal Bulldozer
05. Tankard – Metaltometal
06. Destruction – Metal Discharge
07. Sex Machineguns – Heavy Metal Thunder
08. Vhaldemar – Metal Of The World
09. Venom – Black Metal
10. David Rock Feinstein – Metal Will Never Die