Episode 230 – Winter

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MetalCast Episode 230

Days are shorter, temperatures decrease, it’s getting winter soon (still a few weeks away, though). The classical composer Vivaldi wrote symphonies about the four seasons, but the seasons also inspired and continue to inspire many Metal bands, be them Black Metal, Folk Metal, Power Metal, Doom Metal, and so on.The link with Pagan Metal (which refers to the lyrics, of course) is very easily made, hence the presence of Pagan Reign (defunct since some time), Draugr and Heathen Foray. They are joined by the Swedes of Sabaton, Draconian, the international formation that is Dragonforce, Luca Turilli (yes, again), and more (incl. Jon Oliva’s Pain). All have written songs where winter plays a role, be that as a theme or events that took place in this particular season. So make yourself comfortable and may this episode warm you so hell does not freeze over.

Hosting: Si
Tracklist: Si, Tim, Marcus, Kobe, Judit

01. Dragonforce – Above the winter moonlight
02. Draugr – Inverno
03. Nightmare – Eternal winter
04. Wolfchant – World in ice
05. Luca Turilli – Lord of the winter snow
06. Draconian – Silent winter
07. Pagan Reign – In Winter Embraces
08. Sabaton – Stalingrad
09. Heathen Foray – Winterking
10. Jon Oliva’s Pain – Winter haven

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  1. Christian says:

    So anyone else think that Si + Nancy = MetalCast meets Monty Python? Quote of the episode “I don’t like Cherry Juice”

    • Si Smith says:

      Thanks for the comment Christian!! Monty Python are our all time favourite comedies….:-)

  2. Crazy Chemist says:

    Very good winter show guys! But you forgot “Freezing Moon” by Mayhem! And I agree that Immortal should always be included when you talk about the winter.. Anyway good selection, really liked the black metal stuff.. keep up the good work !

  3. Blake says:

    Wintersun were great at Bloodstock this year <3

    But an even better choice than Wintersun (another Bloodstock 2011 band) would be Immortal as all their songs are about the cold and grimness etc.

    Nonetheless, very good playlist keep rocking \m/

  4. Mighty Jhon says:

    Ohh I love winter, and the episode is sounding great, but, imho Wintersun woulda been the cherry in the pie!!. Great wrok guys

    • Si Smith says:

      Youre right, my first choice would be “Winter Madness”, but we already played it on the metalcast so we looked for stuff we hadnt already played…..

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