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Episode 225

23. October, 2011
MetalCast Episode 225

It’s almost there, our anniversary episode. We’ve received several reactions and suggestions so far, but we know you are many, so mail us or post on our Facebook if you haven’t done already. In other news, there’s a new episode ready. A bit more on the extreme side than normally, but that’s a pure coincidence. Anaal Nathrakh has a new album out, as is the case for Taake, Thulcandra, Suidakra, Neige Morte, Dead Mountain Mouth, Imperial Vengeance, The Devil’s Blood and Falloch. Mongo Ninja from Norway completes the list with their 2010 release. Black Metal reigns, while Doom, Heavy and Progressive or even a bit of Folk-influenced Melodic Death Metal take on the remaining spots. Tune in, enjoy and have a great Sunday!

Hosting: Si
Tracklist: Tim, Si, Marcus

01. Suidakra – Dowth 2059
02. Thulcandra – In Blood and Fire
03. Neige Morte – Neige Morte
04. Mongo Ninja – Cold night for a hothead
05. Imperial Vengeance – Veiled threats over cocktails
06. The Devil’s Blood – The thousandfold epicentre
07. Taake – Fra Vadested Til Vaandesmed
08. Anaal Nathrakh – Tod Huetet Uebel
09. Dead Mountain Mouth – The Gate of Pain – Sheol
10. Falloch – We are gathering dust