MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 214 – Astrohenge

7. August, 2011

We’ve got another interview done. Or better, our dear Si has one done with Astrohenge, a British band that plays Omni Metal. What that is, you can hear in this new episode, which also features Groove Metal from Israel (Betzefer), Black Metal from Norway (Demonaz, Kampfar), Death Metal from Canada (Beyond Creation), Thrash Metal from Finland (Bloodride), Gothic/Symphonic Metal from Germany (Midnattsol) and a bit of Doom from the US of A (Karma To Burn, Argus). Lots of 2011 songs, including one instrumental. So get set for another diverse buffet of Metal, served by your host Kobe.

Hosting: Kobe
Tracklist: Tim, Si, Marcus, Judit
Interview: Si

01. Demonaz – Over the Mountains
02. Bloodride – March of the Dead
03. Argus – A Curse on the World
04. Astrohenge – The Chanting of the Priests
05. Astrohenge – Origami Werewolf
06. Midnattsol – Spellbound
07. Betzefer – Nothing But Opinions
08. Kampfar – Ildstemmer
09. Karma to Burn – 48
10. Beyond Creation – Omnipresent Perception