Episode 211

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MetalCast Episode 211

It’s Graspop weekend and so Kobe and Polina couldn’t, once again, reserve time to host. Neither could Marcus, as he too has a busy weekend. Thankfully mr. Si Smith came to the rescue to guide you through a new load of Metal. Several new releases have come out so far, and as we sort of neglect the wonderful genre that is Doom Metal, this episode has a bit more of that. This to compensate the overload of Black and Power Metal, for example, in most of the previous episodes. For the lighter souls, we did add some Hard Rock and Power Metal. Enjoy and if you couldn’t tune in the first time (because you were at a festival or some place else) there’s plenty of time afterwards. Cheers!

Hosting: Si
Tracklist: Tim, Kobe, Si, Marcus, Judit, Polina

01. 4th Dimension – A new dimension
02. Umbrtka – Sedesatiny
03. Rev 16:8 – Ashlands
04. Jettblack – When it comes to lovin’
05. Electric Wizard – Black Mass
06. 1000 Funerals – Vast infinite beauty
07. Marche Funebre – The well that drowns me
08. Silva Nigra – Chains
09. This is Past – Swimming among clocks
10. Long Distance Calling – Invisible giants

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  1. Doragon says:

    Love the 4th Dimension song, might get the album.

  2. Vale says:

    that Umbrtka song is simply awesome.

    • Marcus says:

      Awesome that you enjoyed it! They are among my favorite bands. Hopefully we’ll have a very complete interview with them soon!

    • Cheng says:

      YeaH! I agree with that.
      Melody is simple but unique. Variations are good. Guitar effects are just right.
      Vocallines are perfect duated.

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