Episode 210 – Historical Special Vol. 2

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MetalCast Episode 210

One year and a half ago we made our first Historical Special (EP 139), playing songs which dealt with events or persons of the past. Bands like Ex Deo, White Skull, Primordial, Sabaton, Iced Earth and more were featured. Now we bring you our second Historical Special, which still deals with the same idea: persons and events from the past. Only this time we have bands like Silent Force, Windir (defunct, but still…), Hyperborean (put out a new album), Vesania, Marduk, the reunited Hell, Angeli di Pietra (just put out a new album), Iron Maiden, KYCPK and Imperial Vengeance. Or, in terms of music: a nice balance between melody and aggression. Enjoy!

Hosting: Si
Tracklist: Tim, Si, Marcus, Judit

01. Vesania – The Dawnfall (Hamartia And Hybris)
02. Hyperborean – The last stand of Leonidas and the battle of Thermopylae
03. Angeli di Pietra – Fate Of The Promised Land – Mark Of The Scimitar
04. Windir – 1184
05. Iron Maiden – Montsegur
06. Marduk – Everything bleeds
07. Hell – Plague and fyre
08. KYCPK – Бурлаки На Волге (Burlaks on the Volga)
09. Imperial Vengeance – 6th Airborne Division
10. Silent Force – Heroes

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  1. Gracie says:

    I thought the servant girl was absolutely amazing – star of the show!!!!

    Seriously, great show. I have asked a load of my FB friends to have a listen and hopefully we’ll get even more followers.

    Have any of you guys thought of having a food based show? – I know we’ve done the alcohol one, now lets see if you can match it with this one!!!

  2. Paul Lemieux says:

    Love the show! Having trouble with iTunes downloading episodes lately. Episode 203 didn’t come in, and episodes 209 and 210 are looking like the same thing (itunes error 9006). Half the file downloads then it aborts.

    • karsten says:

      anyone else having the same problems?

      • Cheng says:

        I ‘d rather directly download here…do not trust Itunes anymore

      • Si Smith says:

        My itunes is still stuck on ep 208. It will register that there are episodes 209 and 210 but it will not download them. I dont use itunes anyway, I download from here, but it is still a pain that they can’t seem to get it right….

  3. Marcus says:

    Loved it all! The servant was a great surprise!

    • Si Smith says:

      and a servant who liked Marcus songs….

      Sue was scared people might be offended by her guest appearance, so that made her smile, thanks Marcus!

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